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I started this site in mind to talk about topics I normally wouldn't talk about in social media.  However, besides a blog I decided to add a forum so we can talk about anything you feel like sharing.  There are links above that will help you navigate this site.

This is still a work in progress so please be bear with me as I try to get this site to where I want it to go.



Photo Album of my artwork.

Updates to Blog

Under the blog section you can now see all post or if you want to see a certain topic. I've added a social topic to talk about things happening around our lives and in the world.  I've also included a Travel topic. Here I'll post my thoughts on what I've enjoyed when traveling including favorite restaurants I might recommend as well as personal sites.  I'm hoping to add more topics as time goes on but feel free to click on the topic right above the available posts. 

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