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Updated: May 1, 2019

Hello And welcome.

A few weeks ago, I started thinking that I wanted to start a website/blog to put down my personal thoughts of what I think or views about certain issues. Instead of writing out long stuff on Facebook I wanted to take this approach instead.

I tend to be a very quiet and private person and I normally try to not to shed my views on things, mostly because I worry about what others might say but I've decided to give this a try. However, by doing something like this I'm opening myself up to everyone who has an interest in knowing more about me. The idea is if you want to know more about me this is a good place to come.

I do want to mention that my goal is to make my views generic as much as possible. In other word, I don’t plan on mentioning actual names of family, friends, or people I personally know. However, people I’m not closely associated with like celebrities are fair game. But at the end of the day this blog is really about me and what I feel like sharing.

In closing, I hope you keep an open mind and are willing to join me on this journey.

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